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About Farayand Kav

This document is intended to introduce FARAYAND KAV to you by providing a synopsis of Company’s capabilities and activities.

Farayand Kav is established in 1991, aiming to improve and promote managing and executing Industrial Projects. Achieving this goal, Farayand Kav has taken action to review old systems; trying to renew classical management.

For this aspiration, we have relied on both successful managers who are experienced and trained in high-tech industries such as Oil and Steel Industry and also updated our standards and software's.

In order to gain new technology and know-how, we are intensively expanding our connection with some famous companies in developed countries and it already has made us have more than 8 foreign joints.

We hope all of us can work together and make the World a better place to live.

Company Registration Information

  • Name: Farayand Kav Engineering Company
  • Reg.No.: 117467
  • Place and Date of Registration: 1995, Tehran
  • National ID: 10101610549

Company Grades

  • Grade 2 in Water Treatment
  • Grade 2 in Facilities & Equipment
  • Grade 2 in Industry and Mining
  • Grade 5 in Oil & Gas

Board of directors

  • Mohammad ShafI Rezakhani : Managing Director
  • Yamin Rezakhani : Chairman
  • Babak Rezakhani : Member of the board
  • Kamran Bamdad Farrokh : Member of the board
  • Habib Rabet : Member of the board

Field of Activities

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Plants
  • Industrial Automation, Control & Telemetric Systems
  • Commercial

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ارائه خدمات مدیریتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی


Mohammad ShafI Rezakhani

Head Office:

5th floor, No1, 27th Alley, Saadatabad, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98(0)21-888689372


Nasir Abad Complex, Tehran-Saveh road


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مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

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