location_on 5th floor, No1, 27th Alley, Saadatabad, Tehran
phone 021-888689372-4
email info@farayandkav.com

Head Office

Head office located in a building with 800 meter square, situated in Tehran.

Engineering & Design, Technical Office, Project Management, Commercial, Financial & Administration are held in Head Office.

Below table show the statistic of experts and employee in different sections

Section Expert Staff
Technical & Engineering 6 4
Commercial 1 1
Financial and Administration 2 3
Executive 1 3
Contracts 1 1
Business Development 1 -
Legal 1 -

Dubai office

Golden Hammer Equipment Ltd. is a well-known and experienced supplier for metal products and piping materials such as: Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Gaskets, Valves, Rods, Billet, Profiles, Sheets & Plates, Wires, Welding Materials and etc. made from Carbon Still, Stainless Steel, Nickel & Titanium, special Alloys and non ferric Metals.

Golden Hammer has established first-class business relations with manufacturers and suppliers based in Europe, the United States, Asia and Far East. Over the years, good working relations with international logistics have been made which with this experience Golden Hammer can arrange for prompt and economical delivery of orders to the destination specified by client, as well as to provide assistance in customs clearance.

We are able to help you in supplying whole project especially in many part varieties. And our experienced engineers are able to help you find the best solution for any relevant problems.

Main Workshop & Warehouse

FARAYAND KAV Company owns a permanent Workshop & Warehouse which has the capacity manufacturing all types of machinery , equipment and parts which makes us able to support activities in different projects.

The factory has the experience of manufacturing equipment and machinery for over 15 years.

ارائه خدمات مدیریتی

ارائه خدمات مدیریتی


ارائه خدمات مدیریتی

ارائه خدمات مدیریتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی


Mohammad ShafI Rezakhani

Head Office:

5th floor, No1, 27th Alley, Saadatabad, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98(0)21-888689372


Nasir Abad Complex, Tehran-Saveh road


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مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

مدیریت و اجرای پروژه های صنعتی

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